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Construction Quality Award 2017: Steel Framing

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award 2017

Category: Steel Framing

Winning Project: SECU Jim & Betsy Bryan Hospice Home of UNC Health Care (Pittsboro, North Carolina)

Total Man-Hours — 11,473

Total Square Footage — 11,306

Materials Used

Non-Load Bearing Studs — 19,180 lf

Non-Load Bearing Track — 4,700 lf

Load-bearing Studs — 36,704 lf

Load-bearing Track — 8,862 lf

Fasteners, Screws — 354,862

Firestop — 800

Adhesive/Caulk Buckets — 15

Challenge Accepted

There were only eight pieces of steel in the entire building, meaning that everything else was load bearing metal stud framing. Because of this, all framing had to be heavier. Also, many additional jamb and header details were needed, and the attention to detail had to be perfect to ensure a solid, stable structure. Precision Walls, Inc. used special 12-inch studs, 16 gauge and 14 gauge, up to 48 feet long. Each stud weighed more than 250 pounds and had to be hoisted to the middle of the roof. In addition, PWI used special bent angle heavy gauge 12-inch 16-gauge track for the roof eaves.

This structure encompasses multiple angles and clerestories to the roof facing all directions, creating myriad difficult installations and connections. These added elements allow sunlight to beautifully flood the space.

A continuous insulation system on top of rigid insulation provides energy efficiency and better moisture resistance.

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