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Welcome to our September issue! Can you believe this year is almost over? It can’t end fast enough, if you ask me. Am I right?


I am still a big fan of working from home. After all, my job makes me a perfect teleworking candidate. However, I definitely see the benefits of going to the office, especially when it can get you some prime time with the boss. These days, it’s a delicate balance.


But not everyone in construction can telework; that’s not how buildings get built. Many estimators, on the other hand, are able to do their job from home. It might make some a little antsy after a while, as Vince Bailey mentioned in his recent column. He wants to walk the job site! In this month’s Estimator’s Edge, Vince talks about his sense of déjà vu, thanks to recently being inundated with estimate re-dos. This may be a new “symptom” of the pandemic and other factors related to uncertainty on the part of many players (owners, GCs, etc.), and Vince has a feeling he is not alone. Do his fellow estimators agree? Check out his article on page 16.


Then swing on over to page 22 for more on estimating. In this feature article, David C. Phillips interviews AWCI member contractors about what they do to achieve accurate estimates, especially when more guesstimating may be involved, thanks to incomplete drawings (surprised?). But there’s more. Including an accurate number for manpower is getting harder to do, especially when workers or scarce or may get sick, or the job gets temporarily shut down for whatever reason. How does today’s estimator get even close to the “right” number? This, a couple of “oops” moments and more highlight this informative article.


It is the buyers’ guide of AWCI-member suppliers that make up the bulk of this magazine (page 31). Give these folks some strong consideration when preparing your next purchase (or estimate). They’ll work with you.


And so will we! As I introduced last month, this magazine is the only wall-and-ceiling industry magazine that you can receive in three formats: print, digital or both. You work in construction. You’re tactile. You like to touch and feel your products and materials. Why wouldn’t you want a print edition? But you’re also aware of the green movement, and sometimes you just can’t wait to get this great magazine in the mail. These readers will probably want the digital options. Can’t decide? Get both! It’s your choice. Just go to to renew (or start) a subscription, and receive AWCI’s Construction Dimensions in the format you prefer.


Stay safe, and enjoy!

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