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This month I am using my limited real estate on this page to offer sincere, heartfelt thanks to the AWCI members who made time to share their opinions and expertise with the readers of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions in 2020 (listed below). All were shining points of light during a dreary year. Thank you.

  • Advanced Drywall Systems/Advanced Masonry Systems: Ron Karp
  • Robert A. Aird, Inc.: Robert Aird, Sarah Aird-Nichols
  • Brady Company/Los Angeles, Inc.: Dave DeHorn
  • California Drywall: Greg Eckstrom, Stephen Eckstrom, Michael Gutierrez
  • Mission Interiors Contracting LLC: Bill Fritz
  • Central Ceilings: Bill McPherson III
  • Commercial Enterprises, Inc.: Patrick Arrington
  • Compass Construction: C. Brent Allen
  • Concord Drywall, Inc.: Tim Titsworth
  • Copper Spring Solutions LLC: Jim Kruse
  • F.L. Crane & Sons: Chip McAlpin, Jonathan Heering, Jeremiah Lowell, Jim McCullough
  • Custom Drywall, Inc.: Gene Cox
  • Daley’s Drywall & Taping: Brittni Daley-Grishaeva, Sean Ledon, Adam Barbee, Dan Branas, Roman Morin
  • Ess & Vee Acoustical Contractors: Anthony Verderame
  • Expert Drywall Inc.: Shelly Sigurdson
  • Finishing Systems Inc.: Robert Chiasson
  • Freas Plastering Company: Don Freas
  • Fred Shearer and Sons, Inc.: Ralph Shultz
  • G&G Plaster: Veronica DeBonise
  • Gallegos Corporation: Scott Christensen
  • Green Mountain Drywall Co.: Gilly Turgeon
  • The Heartland Companies: Scott Bleich, Scott Turczynski
  • Ironwood Commercial Builders, Inc.: Nancy Brinkerhoff
  • Island Acoustics LLC: Mike Weber
  • Ivan’s Drywall and Painting: Fenya Slack
  • J&B Acoustical, Inc.: Adam Navratil
  • J&J Acoustics, Inc.: Paul Brown
  • JARCO Builders Ltd.: Jerry Reicks
  • Ka Mo’i Construction/V&C Drywall Contractors: Vince Nihipali Jr.
  • Kirk Builders: John Kirk
  • Kitchell Quality Assurance: Ken W. Ottinger
  • Koja Construction, Inc.: Chad Oates
  • Liddle Brothers Contractors: Mike Taylor
  • Marek: Stan Marek, John Hinson, Shannon Davis, Mike Holland, Stacy Gunderson
  • Mirage Builders, Inc.: Greg Smith
  • Mission Interiors Contracting: Bill Fritz
  • Penn Installations, Inc.: Howard Bernstein
  • Performance Contracting (PCG): Shawn Burnum
  • Pillar Construction: Gabriel Castillo
  • Platinum Drywall, Inc.: Anthony J. Brooks
  • Pontiac Ceiling & Partition Co., LLC: Phil G. Ruffin
  • Pro-Wall, LLC: Norman Kay
  • RAM Acoustical Corporation: Richard Ostrom
  • Reitter Stucco: Robert Sutton
  • Richard Wagner Enterprises, LLC: Rick Wagner
  • The Rockwell Group (subsidiary of the Morse Group): Stan Kasper
  • Ronsco Inc.: Lee Zaretzky, Anthony Berardo
  • Sig Olson & Sons Plastering: Roger Olson
  • Silver Star Plastering: Randal Newman
  • Sonora Drywall: Art Trautman
  • South Valley Drywall: Duane Haynie
  • South Valley Prefab, Inc.: Brian Rohnke
  • Spectro Construction: Cathy L. Jordan
  • Statewide General Contracting and Construction Inc.: Michael Mazzone
  • Story Construction General Contractors: Mike Espeset
  • Sunshine Commercial Construction, Inc.: Sean Hallinan
  • Tedco Insulation: Ed Dougherty Sr.
  • Tri-State Drywall, LLC: Brenda Reicks
  • Western Partitions, Inc. (WPI): Victor Roach, Dion Cowles, Shawn Coates, Brian McMuldren
  • Wohl Diversified Services: Jonathan Wohl

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