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You’re Due!

While we are still far from feeling confident that humans have full control over COVID-19, an end is in sight thanks to the vaccines that were approved and started being distributed last month. We still have a long way to go before we are “back to normal,” but hope is on the horizon. Finally!


Many of you will agree with me when I say we’re all so, so, so glad 2020 is over, but it’s not as if a switch was flipped on 2021, and it’s a totally fresh start. The painful emotions many experienced in 2020—from the loss of a loved one, a job or a home and/or business—will linger into 2021 and possibly beyond.


Think about how many times you’ve gone into a new year realizing the same problems from the last year haven’t gone away. Problems like getting paid for your work. That subject is always rattling around in a business owner’s mind. The problem persists, but the ways of dealing with it have changed, especially because of the pandemic.


But help is on the way, my essential readers! You did the work, everyone signed off, and now you need to get paid. You’re due! Check out the article that starts on page 20 for useful advice that can help you correct these payment wrongs. Thanks to the knowledgeable contractor members of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry who were interviewed for this article, we have insight into how payments are collected during a pandemic—when many office workers and check-signers are working from home. In this article you’ll learn that some of the folks who owe you may have changed their check-distribution policies and procedures, making it take longer than normal to get your money to you. What can you do about that? More phone calls? Liens? Make sure you give this article a read.


Speaking of AWCI member contractors, you’ll notice we are using this issue to introduce a new department. It’s called “Last Page,” and I’m not going to go into details telling you how to find it. 😉 Every year we receive many, many nominations for AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards program, but not every submitted job can win. That said, “Last Page” puts the spotlight on nominations that many not have won, but they definitely have curb appeal and are deserving of recognition.


Going forward, I want to focus even more on the work of AWCI member contractors, so please let me know what you’re working on and what challenges you are beating (or need help with). We’re here to help, and we’re here to help you get noticed. Reach out to me at


Well, it looks like I’ve used up most of my allotted space, but there is much more in this magazine that you will want to explore, from the two other feature articles to AWCI President Chip McAlpin’s thoughts on the 2021 construction economy.


Best wishes for continued health and prosperity in this new year. We’re all due!



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