Pony, Jorgensen & Goldblatt Brands to Be Relaunched to the North American Market Under Arrow Fastener

June 2018

As part of Hangzhou GreatStar Industrial Company, Arrow Fastener announces the relaunch of the Pony and Jorgensen adjustable clamping brands and Goldblatt tile, drywall, concrete and masonry tools to the North American marketplace in mid-2018.
GreatStar, based in Hangzhou, China, is one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in Asia, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality products for DIY, professional and industrial markets globally. Arrow Fastener, based in Saddle Brook, N.J., is a manufacturer of staple guns and heavy-duty staples in North America.
Arrow’s sales, marketing and distribution teams will support and grow these three brands. Arrow’s New Jersey facility will become a primary distribution center for Pony, Jorgensen and Goldblatt products, in addition to Arrow’s current product line.
Arrow is currently in the process of stocking the Saddle Brook, N.J. warehouse with Pony, Jorgensen and Goldblatt inventory to feed the business. The company expects the warehouse to be fully stocked and operational by July 2018.