Constructon Safety Award 2017: <1 Million Man-Hours

May 2017

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Award 2017

Category: Fewer Than 1 Million Man-Hours in 2016

Winner: T.J. Wies Contracting, Inc.

T.J. Wies Contracting’s EMR decreased from .72 in 2015 to .54 in 2016—that’s reduced by nearly half of what it was five years ago. This drastic decrease has resulted in a significant decrease in the company’s insurance costs.

The company endeavors to be proactive in preventing incidents and injuries; for example, they require all employees to utilize cut-resistant gloves, they issue all employees their own personal fall arrest system, and they provide the highest quality personal protective equipment. Also, when working at or above 5 feet high, T.J. Wies require employees to tie-off, which surpasses the current OSHA mandate of 6 feet and above.