Safety Lanyard

April 2017

Working at ground level, your hard hat protects you from an object falling from above. But when someone is working aloft, a falling hard hat becomes a one-pound unguided missile that endangers the entire worksite.
A fall-arrest harness will protect an at-heights dislodged worker, but his fall-arrest harness won’t protect the work site because his hard hat will continue its descent creating a hazardous condition below. Designed for use with all fall-protection harness systems, the new Gear Keeper TL1-5001 Standard Hard Hat Lanyard is the economical option that completes this often-missing safety link.
The TL1-5001 Hard Hat Lanyard has a 20" loop-mounted retention strap employing a spring clip that is designed to attach to fall-protection harness systems or clothing of the proper structure such as coveralls or a vest. The clip is easy to attach, and the new lanyard retails for only $7.95. The TL1-5001 cost-effective hard hat lanyard is weight tested to safely retain commonly used industrial hard hats.