Workbench Extension

January 2018

Sjöbergs introduces the Elite Clamping Platform (SJO-33467), a convenient complement to Elite workbenches that provides nearly 19 additional inches of length to the work surface for virtually any project.
The Sjöbergs Elite Clamping Platform is the perfect complement to the Elite workbench. It can be attached directly to a Sjobergs Elite workbench via screws, adding additional work surface to an Elite workbench. With its multiple 3/4" dog holes, this platform makes the workbench the most flexible clamping system available on the market today (includes 4 3/4" bench dogs).
As another example of its versatility, the Elite Clamping Platform can also be used as a separate work surface by attaching it to a wall. Made of solid European beech wood treated with natural oil, many accessories can be added on to the platform, which includes jaw cushions, a steel anvil and the ST-11 Holdfast, which clamps easily into place.
The Elite Clamping Platform is a versatile and flexible product that makes any job a bit easier.