Complete Water-resistant Walling Solution

January 2019

Vinyl panels are gaining tons of exposure in the walls and ceilings industry as an innovative water-resistant walling solution. Contractors who do work on food processing areas, animal habitats, indoor growing or clean rooms require an easy-to-install, low maintenance wall and ceiling solution to keep up with project deadlines. A new walling material, Duramax Trusscore, provides a water-resistant solution without adhesives, wooden backers or callbacks.
The standard solution involves FRP panels that are water resistant, glued onto a wooden substrate that is still vulnerable to mold. This unsatisfying solution has been the only option for the past few decades. Luckily, Duramax Trusscore panels were made to specifically address this issue. Designed to improve every aspect of FRP, here are some top reasons why Duramax Vinyl Panels are gaining popularity:
Fastest install time. Vinyl panels beat any other walling material when it comes to install time. Because of the innovative interlocking system, the panels are only screwed on one side as the next panel interlocks the other. This system allows for quality and durability to be maintained at a high level while providing the easiest method of install.
Virtually no maintenance. With the seamless smooth surface and durability, Duramax panels do not attract dirt, bacteria or mold. In fact, cleaning can easily be done with a high-powered hose.
Built-in backer. Vinyl panels are durable and thick. Attached directly to the stud, these panels provide a complete walling solution. Other solutions require a backer or OSB before applying a thin sheet as the walling.
Quality tests and verified. Duramax panels not only reach standard requirements, they but excel. The panels meet FDA, USDA and CFIA requirements for walls and ceilings, they have tested up to 252 in-lbs in ASTM D4226-16  and have a Class A fire rating. That’s why the panels come with a lifetime warranty.
Not convinced? We will also ship you a free sample of Duramax Trusscore. Just send us the details and it’ll be on its way. Get a free sample by visiting the website below.