Joist & Stud System

April 2019

Super Stud Building Products, Inc. announces a revolutionary new floor and wall framing system that dramatically increase floor spans and load capacities. The SuperMAXX system from Super Stud has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any cold-formed steel assembly on the market today. Large stiffened punchouts in both stud and joist provide industry-best accessibility along the length of the web, accommodating all trade installations. In addition to the largest reinforcement punchouts, both the SuperMAXX Joists and SuperMAXX Studs have flanges with double returns for superior reinforcement that dramatically increase spans and capacities.
The SuperMAXX Joist features web depths from 8" to an industry-best 18". The SuperMAXX Stud members have web depths starting at 6". While SuperMAXX was designed as a system, framers and designers can use the stud or joist applications independently. Member sizing for both the SuperMAXX Joist and Stud match standard flange widths and web depths as traditional stud and track members. The proprietary SuperMAXX system is manufactured exclusively by Super Stud Building Products, Inc. and is available throughout the East Coast.
For those who don’t need the added spans of the double stiffening lips of the SuperMAXX product, Super Stud is adding larger holes to their traditional stud and track products. Dubbed “Super Stud” and “Super Joist” respectively, the new product offering includes traditional C-shaped joists and punchouts with the larger stiffened punchout pattern.