Q-Drive Blade for Hard Abrasive Aggregate Material

January 2023

iQ Power Tools brings to market a new 16.5" blade for its iQMS362 saw that has been specifically engineered to cut harder concrete products with a mix of abrasive and hard aggregates at a PSI range of 7,000+.
The blade incorporates the latest in diamond technology, featuring an M-Segment Design to improve blades speed while cutting hard material. With a special formulated soft bond matrix to increase cutting speed while exposing diamonds at a proper rate to cut through the hardest materials.
iQ’s “Cool Cut Technology” is a proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type that cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement. This technology, combined with the built-in vacuum keeps the blade cool during cutting.
With the saw and its 16.5" blade, users can easily dry cut hard materials, eliminating the water and eliminating the mess.


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