Brushless Hammer Drill

March 2023

The new Cat® 18V 1/2 in. DX13 Brushless Hammer Drill claims the distinction of being the first portable power tool to feature a Graphene battery. This state-of-the-art 18V, 5.0Ah Graphene battery delivers twice the power, charges 3x faster and provides 4x longer life cycles than conventional lithium-ion batteries.
Plus, the Graphene battery provides 4x the amount of life cycles, which translates to 1,200 charges on a single battery with a 5-year warranty to stand behind it. All cordless tools on the Cat 18-volt platform are compatible with the 18V, 5.0Ah Graphene battery.
Another key to the Cat DX13 Hammer Drill’s performance is its efficient brushless motor that packs 25% more power, provides 50% longer runtime and adds 10% longer life when compared to traditional brushed motors.
The cordless hammer drill exerts 700 in.-lbs. of torque for heavy-duty applications. It’s equipped with a 1/2" ratcheting, all-metal chuck for gripping power, bit retention and shock resistance. It also features a rugged 2-speed, all-metal gear box.
The hammer drill’s two-speed gearing and 22 clutch positions make it easy to find the best speed and torque for each job. In hammer mode, the drill’s 2 impact ranges are 0–8,800 and 0–35,200 bpm. No-load drilling speed ranges are 0–550 and 0–2200 rpm. The tool is capable of drilling 2 5/32" in wood, 1/2" in metal and 5/8" in masonry.

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