Exterior Plaster

May 2016

Super Cement, a product manufactured by Omega Products International, is a premium all-purpose portland cement-based scratch and brown plaster available in fibered or non-fibered formulas.
This pre-blended proprietary product has an industry leading warranty and unmatched strength and durability. Super Cement takes away the guesswork—all you have to do is add water.
In addition to simplifying the plastering process, Super Cement comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty that can go as high as 18 years when you incorporate Omega’s AkroGuard water-resistive barrier, crack isolation mesh and CI-Base, OmegaFlexPrimer and OmegaFlex acrylic based stucco.
Additionally, Super Cement offers nearly twice as much strength and durability over lesser quality substitutes.
“If you opt to use plastic cement, then you are only going to get a strength reading of 2,800 psi after 28 days,” said Tom Aldana, product support representative at Omega Products. “In the same time frame, with Super Cement, the strength reading is 5,000 psi.”