The Tempo of an Excellent Team

Norb Slowikowski / September 2019

Tempo: The rate of motion or activity.

Have you ever thought about the productivity of your company in terms of the speed at which all the facets of the team work to accomplish daily tasks and goals? There should be a relative speed in which key factors move forward and connect. The speed in which an organization identifies problems and opportunities, and then makes and implements the right decisions is a true measurement of success at the bottom line.
Create an effective team tempo by following dynamic dozen principles:

1. Build relationships based on trust.

2. Develop an attitude that is flexible, durable, open, questioning, vulnerable and accountable.

3. Have clearly defined goals and objectives.

4. Focus on strengths.

5. Be ready to take on challenges.

6. Have a caring outlook—the desire to relate to your people on a level of mutual respect.

7. Implement accountability at all levels always.

8. “Big picture” outlook—a feeling of significance to what every team member does toward a common goal.

9. Symbiosis—everyone truly connected in a common effort.

10. Candor through integrity—keep lines of communication open and honest.

11. Team power—the group is greater than any one part of the company.

12. Create a climate of shared meaning and understanding.
You can apply the dynamic dozen by building your self-confidence as a leader. By creating confidence for yourself, you can transfer confidence to team members by creating a level of high expectation for each member of the company.
Make certain that people know what’s expected of them and what they expect from you.
Provide feedback in regard to performance—positive and negative. Coach those who need to change negative behaviors and outcomes. Always connect performance to rewards. If someone meets or exceeds standards, it’s always nice to have an incentive to keep the standards high. Rewards could be simple positive reinforcement or measured in a bonus or through company events.
Look at yourself as a leader who wants to make a difference—a positive force for everyone you encounter throughout the week. Use the following five fundamentals of exemplary leadership to guide you:

Challenge the process
Foster continuous improvement. Experiment and take risks.

Inspire a shared vision
Don’t live in the status quo. Envision a future that is different, bigger, better. Help your people to see the exciting possibilities.

Enable others to act
Foster collaboration and build spirited teams. Mutual respect will sustain extraordinary performance. Give power away.

Model the way
Create standards of excellence. Give your people a path to rise to the occasion. Celebrate small wins.

Encourage the heart
Keep hope and determination alive. Keep in mind that you and your people spend more time at work than anywhere else. Foster a positive work climate, and you will be rewarded with people doing their best every day.

Norb Slowikowski is president of Slowikowski & Associates, Inc., Darien, Ill. To contact him, email [email protected].

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