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AMC Cherry Creek 8, Denver, Colorado

The following project was submitted to AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards program in 2020 in the Steel Framing category.

In early 2019, AWCI member Heggem-Lundquist had four weeks (4,650 man-hours) to frame new risers for the local AMC movie theater’s auditoriums and reframe the lobby, including framing for its complicated intersecting radius light pockets, bar and kitchen. The contractor used pre-manufactured risers, which saved time, and value-engineered costly concrete pours in the auditoriums, which saved money for their clients.


Special small structural steel studs at the physical limit of what can be made (250S137-54) up to large load-bearing studs for box beams (800S162-68) were rolled by Heggem-Lundquist’s steel manufacturer, allowing strong riser materials that could support the heavy structural concrete panels but fit into very tight packages or large spans over open concession counters. Combining light and heavy track, stud and angle, the intersecting radius soffits were pre-bent and made to hold true to the complex architectural design incorporating both hidden light pockets and radius air diffusers in the lobby ceiling.


According to the nomination form submitted by Heggem-Lundquist, “This project is a prime example of how steel framing can be used to save time and money on projects. By pre-manufacturing risers to replace expensive slow concrete processes, the project was able to save the owners money and minimize the time the theaters were closed during the remodel.”


Heggem-Lundquist is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Denver Metro Area and the Front Range for more than 65 years. Visit to learn more about this AWCI member’s company and work.

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