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Big Plans at AWCI’s Convention

To some of you it might be difficult to think about events in the spring now as we hunker down this winter, but it is this spring when AWCI will be hosting its annual convention. I hope you will give some serious thought to attending.


It has been a long time since we have been together as a group. Many of us are anxious to see old friends and make new connections after the long hiatus caused by the pandemic. Our world is a different place since we last met. Phrases like “social distancing” were not in our vocabulary back then, and no one thought they would need to wear a mask all day. Ah, the “good old days,” as they say.


I do want to highlight our convention program if I may. We are planning to have many of the familiar events you might expect from our association, but we are also adding general sessions with top-caliber speakers that we believe attendees will enjoy and be motivated by. We are also working to create more time to interact with other attendees in larger forums, and I am excited about INTEX Expo, which will showcase new technology rapidly being developed through investment in the construction market.


AWCI will also be hosting its first in-person Emerging Leaders Program. Participants will be able to attend several of the AWCI functions, as well as specific training modules and tours designed just for this group.


On another front, a new safety and health professional will be joining the AWCI team just before the convention. He will begin working with the AWCI Safety Directors Committee to develop new programs and services and enhance AWCI’s monitoring and advocacy related to safety and health regulations.


Our team is also looking at other areas to expand our resources to impact our members. These conversations continue to be centered around social media, communications and marketing, specialty products and niche scopes, legislative and regulatory impacts on our industry and, finally, new technology. As you can see, a lot is going on here at AWCI.


In this edition of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions we hear from others about the challenges they believe we will face this year. Items like supply chain management and labor demands continue to be “watercooler” talking points for our teams. I know we can all write our own stories, but I hope we can also learn from each other and build a better future together.


I hope everyone has a terrific 2022.

Shawn Burnum is the 2021–2022 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry and vice president of operations at Performance Contracting, Inc. in Lenexa, Kan.

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