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If you had all the necessary resources available, what tool or piece of equipment would you buy right now to improve your drywall business?

Expand our estimating software to include more users, which would allow us to add another estimator or two.

It would be a replacement Dodge Sprinter 1 ton. My current truck is 10 years old and although work has been good, the money is not going as far and I am bit nervous about being able to replace it when the time comes. My truck and graphics have really been a help in giving my business a professional image, which was helpful getting through the rough times over the last several years.

—Kevin,KL Drywall LLC

Ceiling sprayer to redo popcorn ceilings

Would like to buy a large industrial dehumidifier to dry out taping projects before taping begins, because many contractors do not understand the concept that you cannot heat damp air. We need a dehumidifier to get rid of the high moisture content contained in projects with little or no heat.

—Terry Dean (sec),Rob-Can Drywall Services Limited, Nova Scotia, Canada

I would love to buy a tool that shows up every day on time, loves to work, does not complain about having to stay for overtime, and appreciates being well paid on Friday. I would buy those tools all day long!

—George H. Beatty, Owner, Jody Drywall Inc.,
Hope, New Jersey

Easy to buy tools. Good price.

PanelMax. It looks as though it could improve production and quality, but it is a major expense wasted if it does not work.

—Bob Coyle,Executive Vice President,Dayton Walls & Ceilings Inc.,
Dayton, Ohio

Scissor lift (small to fit 3×7 doorway for interior work)

A new Harley … actually, new trucks

Printing press

I would upgrade our estimating system. I could downsize our staff and save about $70,000 per year in overhead.

Probably a boom truck so we can get materials at any moment’s notice when we need them.

—Corwin Cain,
East KY Drywall

Get rid of the tools in Washington and get a new economic outlook for the United States.

Machine gun. Why do you think?

A drywall hanger … because I am getting old and tired.

New laser

A small lift. No more rentals.

A money printer

Vacuum sander

Taping tools

Vehicle. The past few years have been tough and my ride is showing it. I believe perception is big, and when I arrive in a rusty bucket of bolts, I wonder what my new clients will think of my craftsmanship and reliability.

—Tracy, Owner/Operator of Helping Hands, Rochester, Minnesota

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