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Self-Retracting Lifeline System

Honeywell announces a new line of premium, durable self-retracting lifelines designed to protect workers against serious injury or death if their life-line becomes severed by a sharp edge during a fall from height.


Honeywell’s Miller® Falcon™ Edge SRL series is specifically designed to protect workers who are tying off at foot level or working near sharp edges by ensuring the lifeline remains intact if a fall were to occur over an edge. Falls from height are the leading cause of worker death or injury on job sites, and inadequate fall protection was the most frequently cited safety violation, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Available in 20’, 30’ and 50’ cable lengths, the Miller® Falcon™ Edge SRL provides versatility, reliability and maximum safety. It is effective for at-height work situations with the capacity to support user weights up to 420-lbs. in all connections at foot level and above, including horizontal, vertical and overhead mounting.


Miller® Falcon™ Edge SRLs are equipped with an RFID tag, which enables safety managers and workers to efficiently track important product information, inspection and employee training in real time through Honeywell Safety Suite Software.


All Miller® Falcon™ Edge SRLs meet the most stringent safety requirements including those of the ANSI-Z359.14 Class B & LE standards, and include a galvanized steel cable lifeline with carabiner, tagline and integrated shock absorber. Models featuring a flame-retardant shock absorber cover are available for welding applications.

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